by Diógenes Ballester

Besides the major Tattwa vibation of energy rotating every 24 minutes, each Tattwa has a minor vibration within the 24 minutes, which rotates every four minutes, forty-eight seconds. Thus the combination of the major and minor Tattwas determine energy variations such that there are five rotations of major Tattwas vibrations every two hours and 25 variations of combined major and minor vibrations every 2 hours (120 minutes).

The images on this page, tied to the universal digital clock, show the symbols of the major and the minor vibrations of energy within each of the five Tattwas. The major Tattwa during each rotating 24 minutes is depicted by the central painting of the symbol and color for each Tattwa. The minor Tattwas during each of five rotating four minutes forty-eight second periods are depicted by the smaller painting on the top that is lit up during that time frame.